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We are more than a company - we are one big family.

The heart of our organisation is more than 1,500 dedicated and skilled employees.

Develop your skills

Our employees are the foundation for our success.


We focus on developing your skills throughout your worklife. Our benefit will be that we are able to put together the right team for each assignment and ultimately provide our clients with the best service possible.


Becoming part of our family will ensure that you are challenged every day and that you will work with the best within the industry.

A nice place to work

It is an important part of our culture to have fun while we work.


We believe, that by providing our employees with a fun and inspiring environment we will benefit from good results and happy employees.


Our focus has always been to make Blue Water a nice place to work for everyone.



Meet our colleagues



Unsolicited applications


Blue Water welcomes unsolicited applications from potential candidates interested in working for us.

We will ensure that your application is sent to the office and country applicable.

Please fill out our application form here