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Danish airspace was reopened to flights on Thuirsday 22 April 2010 following several days of closure due to concentrations of vulcanic ash in the atmospheare.


We sincerely regret that our customers were affected, and bring the latest update on the situation.


All Danish airports are now operational as well as airports in Greenland and on the Faroe Island. As long as the ash concentration remains low, flights will continue operating. Airlines are, however, still operating on dispensation. Please visit the Naviair website for further information.


We have succesfully shipped most of the shipments which were stranded in transit as well as shipments which had accumulated in Denmark.


New bookings are affected, as airlines often reject bookings unless on a priority service. Large accumulations of goods all over the world will result in many delays in the time to come. The situation should, however, improve during week 17/2010.


Please contact your local Blue Water office for further information, assistance and solutions.

Blue Water Courier

The situation is almost back to nomal, though minor delays may occur due to accumulations of goods. A courier solution may, however, still be an attractive solution compared to regular airfreight in the next few days.


Blue Water has access to several express trucks and can arrange for express shipments by road to any destination in Europe. Please contact your local Blue Water office for assistance and solutions required during this period.


Should you have any questions or comments in respect of the above, please do not hesitate to contact Blue Water and your nearest office or regular contact.


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Published on 26.04.10

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